Saturday 14 November 2020 – 12:30


For LeGuessWho's ON/OFF edition this year we are happy to present you the Dutch premiere of 'Other Music', plus a brand new indie that just screened LIFF; 'Mogul Mowgli'.

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For LeGuessWho?'s small and special covid-proof ON/OFF edition this year, we are happy to present you two wonderful titles:

  • The Dutch premiere of 'OTHER MUSIC': a touching documentary of the NYC-record store that was vital to the city's vibrant indiescene of the early 2000s. It had to close in 2016 and this film shows you why this is so sad. I spent many happy times there. Featuring many artists incl Neutral Milk Hotel, Vampire Weekend and Animal Collective.
  • 'MOGUL MOWGLI': this is a special screening right after the Dutch premiere of this indie at Leiden International Film Festival. It follows Zed, a British-Pakistani rapper (Riz Ahmed) who got struck by a serious disease on the cusp of his first world tour.
  • There will only be a handful of tickets, so don't blink and go to for tickets.

“I often visit international filmfestivals and often see so many amazing movies that will never screen in Dutch cinemas, I aim to change that with Chasing Reels.”
– Cedric Muyres

Chasing Reels is a brand new picture show to celebrate the grand indie film scene. We show you the best indie flicks we think everyone should see! See them first or for the only time ever, at Chasing Reels. Cedric Muyres (host and film fan) books events to celebrate the grand indie film scene.