Friday 2 March 2018 – 20:30

Lucky + Harry Dean Stanton Tribute at Kino Rotterdam

On Friday March 2 2018 the first ever Chasing Reels will take place in KINO Rotterdam. We will screen 'LUCKY'. John Carroll Lynch's directorial debut is a tribute to Harry Dean Stanton, and that's also what this night will be. This night Chasing Reels will honour the actor that passed away last September on an age of 91. Host and filmfan Cedric Muyres will introduce both the movie and the evening, that will also include some shorts, 35mm trailer and music of Harry Dean Stanton. That -of course- will include a glass of prosecco!

Tickets are 12,50 - cineville is free

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Lucky is an American indie film in which Harry Dean Stanton plays 90-year old atheist in his battle against his age. This was Stanton's last leading role before he passed away last September 15th. Lucky was written especially for Stanton by Logan Sparks and Drago Sumonja, and is the directing debut of John Carroll Lynch (mostly known as an actor). The film has supporting roles of people that Stanton often and gladly worked with, such as David Lynch, Ron Livingston and Tom Skerrit. Since its release, the film has been screened and praised at many international film festivals. Press:

The Playlist: "a sobering portrait dedicated to one of cinema's greatest actors"
Variety: "Everything Harry Dean Stanton has done has brought him to his moment of triumph in Lucky "
Indiewire: "weird portrait of mortality that is both fun and full of life".
The Hollywood reporter: "Philosophical and funny, the film is a swan song any actor would be proud of."

The career of Harry Dean Stanton (1926-2017) spans over sixty years. The actor with the characteristic, weathered face was best known for the film 'Paris, Texas', and because of the fact he played in 200 films and productions, usually as a supporting role. Stanton was regularly seen in David Lynch's films. Stanton also played a role in his new third season of 'Twin Peaks'. Some of his most famous films are 'Repo Man', 'Alien', 'Pretty in Pink' and 'The Green Mile'. Film critic Roger Ebert thought he was so good that he developed the 'Stanton-Walsh rule': "no film with Harry Dean Stanton or Emmet Walsh in a supporting role can be bad".

Chasing Reels is a curator in the international independent film scene that organised three successful evenings in Utrecht in 2017. Now, in 2018, Rotterdam has also been added. At Chasing Reels and Filmtheaters' t Hoogt and Kino you can see the best new indie films first. The aim of initiator Cedric Muyres is to celebrate the indie film scene; "I see so many fantastic films that never play in Dutch cinemas, I want to change that, I can not wait to show the moving film Lucky plus these beautiful extras in this celebration of the work and life of Harry Dean Stanton."

“I often visit international filmfestivals and often see so many amazing movies that will never screen in Dutch cinemas, I aim to change that with Chasing Reels.”
– Cedric Muyres

Chasing Reels is a brand new picture show to celebrate the grand indie film scene. We show you the best indie flicks we think everyone should see! See them first or for the only time ever, at Chasing Reels. Cedric Muyres (host and film fan) books events to celebrate the grand indie film scene.