Wednesday 8 February 2017 – 20:00

Paterson screening

Chasing Reels organises a Paterson screening in Louis Hartlooper Complex. Be the first to see the film and have a bite (on us) and a drink to celebrate the very first event of Chasing Reels!

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Feb 8 2017 21:15
@Louis Hartlooper Complex, Utrecht

Photos of the first sold out Chasing Reels show: Paterson

Jim Jarmusch made wonderful films as 'Down By Law’, ‘Broken Flowers’ and ‘Coffee and Cigarettes’. ‘Paterson’ is already called his most personal and best film to date. It shows us the poetry of the smallest details.

Adam Driver is Paterson, busdriver in Paterson, New Jersey. The film follows him for one week in the rhytm of a poem.

20:00 Bites and Drinks
21:15 Start Film

“I often visit international filmfestivals and often see so many amazing movies that will never screen in Dutch cinemas, I aim to change that with Chasing Reels.”
– Cedric Muyres

Chasing Reels is a brand new picture show to celebrate the grand indie film scene. We show you the best indie flicks we think everyone should see! See them first or for the only time ever, at Chasing Reels. Cedric Muyres (host and film fan) books events to celebrate the grand indie film scene.